“CrossFit starts with a belief in fitness”


We lift, pull, push, throw, swing, jump, run, row, skip in a never ending combination of ways.

It is a world class fitness programme and it’s available on your doorstep at CrossFit East Rocks.


 But let’s start by busting a myth - you do not need to be fit to start CrossFit.


 All our workouts are scalable to any level of fitness or physical ability and at CrossFit East Rocks you will find skilled, welcoming and friendly trainers to support you.


Our workout of the day (WOD) is always different;

We want you to come back as often as possible, train, have fun and be part of something fantastic - a worldwide fitness programme that is really changing people’s lives, perceptions of fitness and what they can achieve.  

Constantly varied

functional movements

performed at high intensity

“The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness.”

At Crossfit East Rocks you will find yourself in a community of people with the same aims, all going through the workout together. Supporting and motivating each other (and often going for a coffee together afterwards).


This community sets us apart from other classes and gyms, that and the fact that each class is almost like personal training; we limit class sizes (max 12 people) so that coaches can help everyone.