Kids have always loved watching their parents train at CrossFit East Rocks and were always asking when they could start. 


Just like their parents, kids need this stuff to form part of a healthy lifestyle and to prepare them for life, sport, climbing trees...anything.  


 This is not just mini CrossFit though. The coaches at CrossFit East Rocks are CrossFit Kids certified trainers and this is a programme designed specifically to benefit children as they grow and develop. The younger ones focus on skills and games and then as they grow older the focus changes as we introduce weighted movements for the teens. From the very start we prioritise form, function and fun! We want these kids to leave having had the best time, learned something and it also gives a shared experience with their parents if they’ve been involved in a workout that day too.


A cool aside for the parents is that exercise has proven links to kids doing better at school so the fitter they get, the smarter they get. Could be good, could be bad!

Active Schools


We are proud to have a fantastic relationship with Dunbar Active Schools and offer CrossFit Kids both at the local Primary School and also at the Grammar School. We are encouraging as many young people as possible to change the way they see exercise and fitness and make it part of their life as early as possible. We are proud to be part of this programme in our local area and the surrounding area too.